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There's no download button on the page ;-;

hello! thanks for ur interest! that's intentional. i apologize. im no longer satisfied with how the game was, so i took it down. when it's at a place i want it to be at, i'll share it again. c: 

oh okay👍


Basil has my heart. I've always kind of liked characters like him. A jerk but has a secret soft side. He just SCREAMED Tsundere to me, and that's all i needed to get hooked on him as a character. I love both his design and personality. Well played creator. lol

!!! Awww thank you so much! Basil is a tsundere! I love him very much (and I also rly like tsunderes lol). I’m glad you love him too! He’s fun and lovable for sure u///u


Tsunderes are just the most fun to mess with and tease. Seeing them have flustered reactions is just so satisfying! lol


I cant find the link to dowload it on the page


I cannot instal the game....

Which platform are you installing to? If you have a windows PC, I don't think I'll be of much help since I use a macbook and wouldn't be able to help you troubleshoot... I'd be happy to ask a friend to see if they can help you, though!

windows pc, I want to install through the itch app


Just started playing it and i just wanted to say i like the way you draw the hair! Like the little dots and the rhombuses, i like when people add little details like that it adds uniqueness and it looks cool in general :D Might use this "art style" too where you add little details in hairs or faces! Anyways will play it and will leave a feedback then here afterwards just wanted to give a compliment lol. Till then

-Fellow detail lover


Thank you so so much for checking out this game! I'm really happy you appreciate that detail in their hair! I don't think I can take credit for the idea though, since an artist I followed a long time ago used to also add sparkles and shapes into character's hair. I thought it was cute so I experimented a little with my characters too.

I hope you will enjoy the game and also have fun with your art!


I would argue that every form of art that is "new" already existed  a long time ago just in a different form already. Not that it matters since no one owns an art style anyways

And now the game itself: I really enjoyed it you gave so much character to everyone. They seem so human! Plus the characters are designed so pretty :D I wouldn't have played that game if it wasn't made with so much love and detail since i have a BIG hate for chemistry -.-

 (failed all the chemistry exams  oop-) 

So i will surely will continue once you are done with the game :D 

Good luck and take care (plus sorry for my english XD)

Is there a demo coming out for microsoft any time soon? :)

Hello! Thank you for your question! I have a macbook, so I don't know if the "PC" version works. It is the most downloaded version of this project tho, so I can only assume that it works on microsoft.


AHH!! I came back into and I'm so glad to see you're still working on the game T-T I'm so happy, I can't wait for the full game!! You're doing amazing!! I read the first demo in 9th grade and now I'm in 11th, time goes by fast! By any chance is there only one person working on this game cause that would be soo impressive!!!


aww~ thank u for playing and checking back! time rly does go by fast xDD

also, yes! i'm the only person working on the game. i do all the writing, programming, artwork, etc. so development is rly slow c': thank u for ur patience tho!


ofcc! You're doing great!!


honestly, it doesn't matter if it takes like 10 years to come out, we're just glad it hasn't been abandoned like a lot of other really promising otome games.

!!! thank u for always checking in and following along! it rly means a lot to me c': <3

yeah, remembered it was a thing the other day, and thought, 'that had so much promise, is it still in dev?' so i checked and was mighty chuffed to see it is! :3


4 years in and i still can't forget this game, i remember how i played this in middle school and now I'm in college lmao, glad to see how this game keep growing anyway thankyou for your hard work now I'm off to play the new update <3

sobs omg !!! thank you so so much! i was a senior in high school when i made this game. now im a baby adult HAHA c':

thank YOU for playing and remembering this game and characters! it has changed a lot over the years and so have we. it's growing with us lol.

this really warms my heart. thank you again! cx <3


Just stumbled upon this today!!! Chemistry was my absolute worst subject and boy did I have a sense of deja vu, but I really enjoyed this demo and I can't wait for the full game!


awww~ thanks so much! chemistry was definitely not one of my faves. i put this game together to kinda force myself to study chemistry LOL. thanks so much for playing through the demo! i'm working on updating the art assets right now. c:

i hope you'll enjoy the complete version when i release it too! 


This game is so cute!! I really hope you're going to fully release the whole thing. I played all routes and literally found myself loving Basil. Like, what?! I thought I was gonna like the teacher. =P I really look forward to you finishing it. The art, the music.. everything is just nicely done plus you made me relearn chemistry which was awesome!


ahh~ hello~ thanks so much for playing through everyone's routes! i'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed every bit of it! all the boys have a special place in my heart, but i'm glad u like basil! i tend to overlook him sometimes, but he is a great character! he makes me laugh HAHA. also, i've been working on this  in my spare time! the writing is the hard part, but rest assured, this project is my baby so i plan to release it for sure!

thank you very much for your comment~ i really appreciate it! cx


You're most welcome! ^_^ I know how hard it can be to write. I just got a full time job and between doing home DIY, working, and having to care for my disability, it can be hard to work on my own baby; but I can't stop playing other people's babies. :3 I am definitely keeping the demo on my PC. If you end up releasing it either buy to play or free, I'm totally tipping you. This is some top quality work you're doing. I especially enjoyed the chemistry learning part. I was a big fan of physics/chemistry in high school and used to "connect" with my now husband (who I was just flirting with then wound up dating in my senior year) in chemistry then physics class, so I got a big kick out of it. Basil and his sister just kind of reminded me of my my sister and I; slightly weird kids with nerdy tendencies who were smart and close to one another and one was super friendly and the other really bratty. I at first got annoyed but then found him just super adorable. He definitely became my favorite of all 3 guys. I just really enjoyed it and hope to do a review of the whole thing someday. It has definitely shot up there as one of my favorite indie games. :) 


hahaa, even when i had all the time in the world, it was still hard to write :''D i am learning to use outlines since they help keep me more organized. thank again so much for your kind words and support! it means a lot! it's definitely going to be free-to-play because i want people to appreciate and love chemistry as much as i do BAHAHA

ohh!! that's so sweet that you and your husband connected through chem/physics! i hope i can get the feeling of butterflies and teen romance right in my writing :''D i'm also glad you can relate to the characters! i put a little of myself in each of them xDD but basil is definitely one of those characters who annoy you at first, but then you'll come to adore cx


I just want to shout-out the god-level GUI/art/aesthetics/character design in this game. Just unbelievably amazing.

I wish this was an AP Biology game as that's more my speed ahaha but I relearned some chemistry so that's a plus. The writing in this game was also excellent and it felt like realistic high school dialogue.

I only knocked off a star because I felt that between the main character's instant hate for both Sidney and Basil made it really difficult to enjoy scenes with them. I wish the main character wasn't so adamant in her dislike for the characters, as myself as the player was more open minded about their characters.

ahh~ thank u so much for your comment and rating, and thank you also for playing~!!!

i'd been thinking about making a biology-focused one! but there are way more topics in bio than there are in chemistry. it's a lot to cover!!! we'll see tho. i do love biology a lot more than chemistry LOL.

yeah, mc has a very strong personality even when you choose "nice" or "kind" options haha... she tries... i hope you will enjoy her becoming softer and kinder in the full version tho! Cx

thank you again~ i really appreciate it! C:


Thank you for making such excellent games! If you ever make a biology-focused game, I'd totally help out, I'm such a bio fan lol


oh my dude my guy my dude i love love love chemistry with all my heart. i took ap chem as a junior in 2018, and now i'm a chem major shooting to become an ap chem teacher someday, and i have entrenched so much of chem into my daily life you have no idea. i've tutored many, many peers and underclassmen in chem since my junior year, written and graded tests and homework in my senior year, and gotten myself into a chem class with only one other first year now in college. honestly there were times where doing and practicing chemistry literally kept me alive.

that being said i feel like this should come as no surprise that i didn't come here for the romancing, but the chemistry itself lol. however, despite finding it difficult to make eye contact with the drawings at times, i was still drawn in by the characters. i really appreciate the fact that despite it being an early demo, all the characters have solid visuals and personalities. they're also all super adorable and i love them hehehe

in terms of chem, i went for the stoich lesson because i love stoichiometry. i liked the beef stew analogy; it had this very homey feeling to it compared to the hamburgers/hot dogs analogy i usually hear for the topic. by that point in their teaching, however, there should be the phases listed after all the components in a balanced equation, regardless of whether it's supposed to be baby review or not. i'm pretty sure ap knocks off credit if you don't *finger guns* (don't quote me on that tho). sometimes answers were really similar numerically, and it made me kinda nervous because i noticed there were rounding differences in the example and so i wasn't sure which to trust. i noticed you tend to round early, which definitely accounts for the differences (and makes ap mad), so when polishing up the game (definitely not now while you're still getting the core down; don't mind my nitpicking for now lol) i would recommend cleaning that up a bit. 

i really liked that you warned at the start of the game to have your own periodic table because you honestly could've just given us all the relevant numbers and stuff, but that's just not realistic, and i like the idea of an added challenge to people less initiated with chemistry. 

realistically, i think that if she worked hard at it, marina could pass the ap. probably not with flying colors because i genuinely think mr. kagaku is way too soft on all of them. his main motivating factor seems to be via affection, and he's kind about their grades, but really effective teaching needs an equal mix of affection and *fear* from students. plus, april is far too late for the class to be primarily lectures imo. april is time for grinding for the ap, which is just lots of tests and mock exams and quizzes. (grading around this time is fun fun fun y'know lol). then again, that would probably shoot marina's stress up to 99 in a week and it wouldn't really run as well with the spirit of the game so really it's fine

honestly i had so much fun playing this!!! i was a bit sad that none of the lectures after the first one were available, so i just stopped going to the after school lectures after that. the music was adorable and i love love loved all of it!!! also a minor detail, but making the cursor into an erlenmeyer was absolutely adorable. the character relationships were a ton of fun!!! kinda sad that i'm now caught up :C

i guess to sum up this is fun and i really really enjoyed the demo!!!! keep up the good work!!!!! C:

OH MYY~ haha thank you so much for your comment and for playing through the demo! i appreciate and am blown away by your passion! it's been a LOOOONG time since i've taken a chemistry course, so the details like adding the phase states and what not have slipped my mind (oops haha). i'll keep this in mind for the future and edit that in for future lectures as well! i also don't mind your nitpicking! i welcome it and appreciate it! not a lot of people like chemistry, so it's nice to have someone so passionate about the subject enough to help me with the details xDD

i'm glad you liked the beef stew analogy! that's... actually how i learned it in high school LMAO so all the credit there goes to my high school chemistry teachers. my goal with the game was and is to make studying chemistry somewhat enjoyable and interesting, so i'm glad you're engaged with it so far! part of learning chemistry is learning how to navigate the periodic table and use your calculator, so there's no way i'm gonna take that experience away xDD

i agree with you! if marina puts in the time, she'd definitely be able to pass! and mr. k does seem kind of soft hahaa. he's relatively new at teaching, and i think new teachers would realistically struggle to find a balance between being strict and being friendly with students. i remember in high school, our teachers set up review sessions that were lecture style, but they also had a bunch of review packets where we did the questions and they went through the answers and whatnot.

for me, since i've been going back through old notes and watching khan academy videos to relearn chemistry, writing the lectures takes the most time, but it's relatively the easiest thing to add to the game. that's why i'm planning to implement them last. right now i'm planning to add each route one by one and im starting with sidney! i don't plan to release the full game until all routes are implemented and all chemistry mishaps and grammar mistakes are fixed and polished! to do that, i'll likely ask for volunteers who'd like to test the final version of the game before i release it. i hope you'll look forward to that and the final release!

i'm super happy and glad that you like the game! it's kinda quirky and unique in the visual novel market haha, so when i receive feedback like this, it warms my heart. C:

i'll do my best to make this as close to a chemistry class experience as possible, but i'd also like to make the questions simple and accessible to those who have not taken the advanced placement course. thus, i plan for all the quizzes and trivia to be general chemistry level and nothing *too* impossibly difficult (i remember some ridiculous and traumatizing questions from my time haha...)

thank you again so much! it means a lot, truly! 


i've been replaying the extended demo and am so in love. i remember when some of the backgrounds and cgs weren't even completed and when marina's eyes were first changed bc they were too "creepy." (ive always loved her and her eyes hehe) the drama behind this game is so nice and i love the dynamic of all the characters. the bright artwork and beautifully flowing writing makes my heart sing. this is one of those game that'll be on everyone's recommendation list, you know? keep up the amazing work! i loved seeing you come back after all this time. the demo was always in my thoughts during your hiatus, and being able to see the extended demo and how far its come makes me feel like a proud mama bird. haha this game was what inspired me to take chem in the first place (turns out im good at it and was one of the few who passed with an a) and i feel so nostalgic seeing everyone. the fact that marina is filipino fills me with so much joy, too! as someone who is a filipina, it was nice seeing the representation. also love all the characters! i didnt think id like sidney at all, but hes grown on me and im in love (to be fair, also love basil) and i love the way he and his friend group interacts. all of the relationships you wrote feel so natural, so props to you! the drama between sidney, asia, and carson has me hooked. probably because im nosey and NEED to know whats going on 24/7. and the cliff hanger!!! ugh! my jaw literally dropped when marina got that text from jc. and the fact this is all happening in the past, with the party in the present, just adds on to the suspense. i wanna know how marina messed up and im so excited to play the game to find out. (but also leave her alone :(( she's trying her best). anyway this comment got excessive fast but im so excited for this game i had to share it. will be recommending this to all my friends and buying you a coffee when i get my paycheck, so keep up the gorgeous work <3

!!! Oh my gosh~! Thank you so much for your kind words and comment! It really warms my heart. I'm sorry I've been on hiatus for so long.. So long that my art style has changed since I made the sprites for this game, ahaha... Congrats on getting that A in chem btw! It's a super tough course, so props to anyone who can ace all those exams and material.. I barely made a B in my AP Chem course and I got a C+ in college level chemistry LOL... So nothing really qualifies me to put the lessons together, but rest assured my "chem major" bf has got me covered on that front lmao. I'm Filipina too, so I really wanted to have some representation. It's not often I get to see strong female characters who have my skin tone and share my heritage. I'm so happy you like her and can relate to her on that level! Her best friend JC is also Filipino lol. Sid's my precious baby boy lmao. I'm glad you grew to like him (just like Marina)! And I'm so happy you like this friends and the other character's too! 

I'm so excited to start work on the routes and to bring this project to life! I've got some JUIIICYYY drama planned for each boy's route, and I'm glad I was able to convey suspense and each character's personality in my writing! I can't thank you enough for following along and for being with me through this journey! You've really empowered me to continue and to work hard to make this game really awesome. I hope when I release it you'll find the story fulfilling and amazing! Thank you again! I feel like there's not enough words for me to convey the warmth I feel and to convey my gratitude, but mahalo nui loa~! Cx <3

Yo former AP Chem student here, Funny asf and honestly this is lookin to be a super amazing visual novel. Keep doin Gods work cause this seriously made my whole week. 

thank you very much! lol, this goes out to all the peeps strugglin' with chem! :DD

This game was super fun overall and I loved the educational aspects of it and how it ties into the story. I loved the interactions between the characters and had fun overall with the story and the quirky beats! Keep up the good work! :D

ahh~ thanks so much for the comment! i'm so happy you had fun with it all! cx 

Hi! I really enjoyed the demo. I tried the previous one and was disappointed, but this one really makes me look forward to the full game. And, as a chemistry geek, I'm quite happy to find a game with chemistry puns :p

Just to let you know, there was a mistake in one of the quizz questions: the correct answer for the stochiometry of the C8H18 equation should be 2, 16, 16, 18 and not 2, 25, 16, 18 (so there are as much O on the 2 sides).

Except from that, I really had fun with the demo :)

Hello! Thanks so much for the feedback and comment! I’m making a list of all the corrections so I can update it for the final game. Thanks for letting me know! I’ll slap my chem consultant (my bf) around for telling me the wrong answer LOL. 

I’m also glad you enjoyed this demo. The first one was lacking quite a bit and was far from what I want the vn to be. This one more closely represents my vision. C: 

Well I've never been too dumb for an otome game before lol. I don't know squat about chemistry, never actually took it (way too intimidating). The demo is super cute: I love the soundtrack, the bright colors, and the refreshingly angry answers the MC can give. Great job!

oh, hahaha. i don't mean to make people feel dumb, only to make chemistry more fun! :'DD but yes, chemistry was a nightmare-- even for the MC in this story ahaha... 

but thank you for your comment! i'm so glad you enjoyed the demo! Cx i hope you'll consider playing the final version when i release it C: , if not for the chemistry, for MC's savagery and one of my other cinnamon rolls. :DD

Just played this quirky game. As a devoted chem nerd, I thought it was the coolest thing to find a game that encompasses both chemistry and a healthy dose of teenage drama. Aside from the art being wonderfully vibrant, the chemistry material is presented in a great, simple way. This game would be ideal for future AP Chem students to play during the summer, as it does realistically portray AP Chemistry and the AP exam (I did AP Chem my sophomore year). The music fits the light, geeky feel of the game, and the dialogue is written very well. There are some grammatical errors, and the game does employ many cliches in both American and Southeast Asian culture and media. This left me a bit disappointed, but not completely discouraged; as there is much more to be said of the positives of the game than the negatives. It's a shame, however, that this game has not been updated; it has so much potential. Such is the life of a busy developer though, right? Maybe find someone to collaborate with; the game seems to be in high demand. Best of luck! :) 

And not to brag, but I got 5/5 on the quiz, first try. Easy peasy ;)

LOL congrats! I'd make more difficult questions, but reliving my chemistry days turns my brain to mush. HAHAHA.

BAHAHA! When I was studying for chem back in the day I thought this would be the coolest thing to do! I was in over my head though because, dang, this is a lot of work. I'd love extra help writing the educational segments because I am by no means a chemistry expert and I read over the stuff so many times just to make sure the info is correct. Plus writing the questions is like hard in itself even if they are "easy"... I'm considering my options though. Thank you for your input!

I'm really glad you love the vibrant style too! I hope it doesn't hurt too many eyes hahaha. I just want to make something people will love even if chemistry is a subject most people don't find much delight in. Chemistry is fun! I hope the final product of this game will convey that. 

I'm doing my best to update the demo to reflect my vision for the final game. This really is more of a hobby for me though, so I only work on it during my free time. I expect while I'm searching for employment I'll have some time to work on this as well, ahahaha... Such is the life of a recent grad... 

Thank you for your patience, support, and feedback! I really do appreciate it. C:

this is one of the demos i still check up on occasionally to see if theres any new updates!! i can't believe it's been a while (like a year? or 2 idk) since i last played and i cant wait for you to eventually finish it! its one of my favourites since games that take place in school always interested me :-) (speaking of school: ill actually be taking chemistry next school year so i wonder if ill actually understand what mr kagaku is saying) anyways!! this is a great game and i cant wait for the next demo!

Oh my! Yes it has been well over 2 years since I was able to upload a demo... I'm so touched that you check in every now and then. Thanks for following along with the progress (even though I'm not able to update regularly...), and thank you so much for your comment~ After I graduate this summer I'll do my best to crank out a tasty new demo. C': Please look forward to playing that too! :'D

This is a really good game, I had spent over 30 minutes trying to get an acceptable score in the barely 5 item quiz that would somewhat please my chemistry teacher crush, which ultimately just led me to utter frustration and disappointment over my  incomprehensibility and lack of basic common knowledge of the three fundamental branches of science even after being given a fairly good lecture in the game itself. But overall its a fun game, I give it a thumbs up. 

LMAO! Thanks so much for the comment! A few have expressed a lot of frustration over the quiz in the current demo. Hopefully, the updated demo (whenever I release it) won't be so challenging... But then again, winning the heart of the chem teacher is supposed to be difficult, so at least I know that part is working well. Please stay tune for demo v. 2.0! Cx

No, I don't think it's the games' fault for being so difficult or even the developer's fault for setting the difficulty itself; it's probably just our fault for being too dumb to understand, well first of all the questions being given and second the thought process in finding the answer. I don't even think process of elimination is gonna help me that much in this, soo gotta hand it to my past gaming experience in visual novel games and obviously other games as well for learning the common skill  of save stating to desperately obtain a considerably good score of 4/5 in the test and nothing more, no matter how hard I try I can't seem to get...*sniff* a perfect score that's one incorrect answer away...dammit!

LOL. It's actually been hard for me as the developer to write questions and lessons for chemistry... It's been a very, very long time since I've had a high school chemistry course. I mean, wow! I haven't touched chem textbook in almost 4 years (if only to pain-stakingly write some tough chemistry questions, hahahaha)!  

Yup, I know that feeling. *Sigh still pretty fun I guess for what it's worth despite the immense rage felt for redoing every single test. 

idk why yesterday basil keep showing on my head and i feel the urge to check on this game again but iforgot the name of it and ended up searching for hours in my old computer and now here i am downloading and playin it and still in love with it, keep up the good work !

LOL! I'm so glad you're still interested and following along with the development! I'm in my last year of school, so hopefully I'll be a little more free after I graduate to be more active with updates. Thank you~! Cx

  • 1) What do you think about the story/premise? Would you want to play it? 
  • 2) Which character seems most interesting? Who's your favorite so far? 
  • 3) What do you think of Marina? Can you relate to her? Would you want to play as her? 
  • 4) What would you like to see from this game? What expectations do you have? 
  • 5) How do you feel about chemistry? 
  • 6) What do you think of the current character designs/art direction? 
  • 7) Any other thoughts, comments, or concerns?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • 1. i love the story and of course i want to play again  ! 
  • 2. i can't choose between basil and sidney i love them so much , i love basil rudeness and sidney cheerfulnes <3
  • 3.  i can relate to her for being a total dumb for chemistry so yes, and yeah i love her character
  • 4. maybe you can add some more interactive thing like hidden artworks or something like extra story for every character when u done the game ? i exect this game to be really great 
  • 5. i hate chemistry but i atleast can learn some with the handsome guys in this game
  • i'm looking forward for the full release hope it will be a great success

sry for my bad english uwu


Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm glad you like the story and the characters and that you find the MC relatable. I've added a lot to the game since this demo, so I hope you'll enjoy both the next demo and the final release~ 

Awesome game so far. My only complaint is the glitches during the periodic table run-through. Often the text, the table and Mr. Kagaku overlapped or shared the same space, making it a bit hard to read. Besides that nitpick I LOVE Basil and the MC is also intriguing and fun to play. I look forward to learning more of her backstory. (Why is WP so important to her? What is she hoping to achieve in her life?)

Keep up the good work and I look forward to the Beta

Thank you!

Hmm, I've made a lot of changes since I uploaded this first demo. Hopefully that glitch has been fixed, but I'll check it out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I'm glad you love Basil and the MC! When the beta comes out, some of those questions may be answered... but not fully, of course.

great game

Thank you very much! C:

your welcome

OH MY GOD. i loved it.  (✪‿✪)ノ

The art style, the character, the ambiance and the theme. Your art style is really good and amazing. My fav character is the teacher (♥ω♥*) (i always had a thing for teachers) but Basil is really interesting too, even if he is mean now i find him cool and cute. The only one im not really liking is Sidney (sorry i hate fuckboys :0) But he still alright :) . For the chemistry part, eh, i know nothing so yeah it was really difficult. I tried to understand what the teacher explained and followed the lesson but arrrf i like stayed 30 min trying to understand. And i got 2/5 on the test. I still like that you added that to the game, its original !You did a really good job and i'm really impressed on how you progressed since you started doing this game. woaw. Keep up the good work !


I was so sad when the demo ended. I want more ! I'm really looking forward to this ! :D

ps : sorry for bad english <:


Ahh~ Thank you so much! Don't worry about your English. I think it's great! I'm glad you like Mr. K. and Basil, but I'll do my best to make all their routes exciting! 

I'm happy you appreciate the chemistry part too! The reason I wanted to make this game was to try and make chemistry a little more interesting while I studied for exams, but of course, going through lessons will still be difficult... 

Thank you again for your encouragement! When I update the demo, it will be extended so you'll get to spend more time with the boys~ C: Hopefully that will be soon...

I really loved this demo! The game is really interesting and I was dissapointed it ended so soon. I am really bad at chemestry so I understand why the protagonist finds it also really boring xD. Anyway, I hope you continue with the story. It really is amazing and compelling :D


Thank you for playing! The next time I upload an updated demo it'll probably be more than twice as long. I hope you'll enjoy that one too! I'm also really glad you like the story. I'll do my best to keep it interesting!

Hello! Your DEMO has been in my game queue for a while, but I finally got the time to play all the way through! I really like it, and I'm going to write an entry about it all in my blog, but I wanted to give you some feedback before that. So I got the questions you posted in the forums:

1. What do you think about the story/premise? Would you want to play it?

I think we've all had a crush on a teacher at some point, so it's relatable on that front. Overall I like it.

2. Which character seems most interesting? Who's your favorite so far?

I love Basil. Sassy smart boys are kind of my thing. So he's my first pick, but I find Mr. K and Sidney interesting also. Mr. K's chemistry jokes are killing me, hahaha :D

3. What do you think of Marina? Can you relate to her? Would you want to play as her?

I was never the athletic type so I wouldn't say I relate to her on a personal level. I like her, though. She's cute, and seems genuine.

3. What would you like to see from this game? What expectations do you have?

Romance and drama! I mean, so far it seems good. More puns!

4. How do you feel about chemistry?

I've taken lots of Chemistry classes, so good enough, I suppose. Haha.

5. What do you think of the current character designs/art direction?

I love your bright and colorful art style! Basil's hair? Love it. <3

6. Any other thoughts, comments, or concerns?

I love the Chemistry Education sprinkled in. Overall I'm looking forward to seeing more!

Oh wow! Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm looking forward to reading what you write, and I'm glad you enjoyed it so far! C:

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I really like the concept and I'm SUCH a chemistry nerd (though I am only doing exams myself, heh) . The GUI is cute, the colours are eye-catching and the chemistry puns were so, so bad (I'm a sucker for bad puns, even more so nerdy ones) - I love it. There are a couple things I'd like to mention though:

The in-game menu buttons don't exactly align with where they are, so I had to keep clicking lower, where the actual button was to return to the game after saving.

This is my inner nerd speaking, and a minor detail, but "Which liquid has the highest boiling point?" and giving the answers as HF, HCl, HBr, and HI might not be the best answers, since they're all gases at room temperature at the very least... unless you're talking about when they're dissolved in water. (save for HF, which is only liquid at just below average room temperature.) [Also, the hydrogen halides in general is pretty dodgy to talk about trends in boiling/melting points.]

I think for Marina's eyes, I think they look "creepy" for lack of a better term because we can see the bottom of her irises on her normal face? I'm not exactly sure though.

That's all I have for now. I'll keep an eye on this! :D

Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the puns, haha! 

The in-game buttons being off is a first for me. I made this on a mac and play-tested it on both a mac and windows pc, but everything seemed fine for me. It might have something to do with defining hitboxes (which I have no clue how to do, but I'll look into it). 

You make a good point about that halogen question. I'll probably end up replacing it since I didn't like the question much myself. I'd like to replace all the questions with some that are simpler to answer. Thank you for your feedback on this topic! 

Hmm, I'll try doing some variations with some new eyes, and I'll ask the community about it later. 

I took another look, and I think that just may be a fault on my part - if the mouse wasn't hovered on the word itself, it didn't register, so if the mouse was like, a pixel from the word, it looked like it wasn't working. It's a little finicky, but it works, so that's on my end, sorry!

Oh! Thank you very much for clarifying! C:

Okay well I'm  not sure on what to say exactly but i'll try anyways!

First of all your art style definitely caught my attention. I like the different textures and saturated colors are my weakness. I died at that pinched joey wheeler face marina was pulling at Sidney. Like, how does anyone continue a conversation with her with that face being made? lol Though I feel like there's something off with her eyes and i tried to figure it out since I didn't feel that way about any of the other guys' eyes and I think its the size in comparison to her other features (mouth/nose). that may or may not be it.

The story is pretty interesting, though its nothing dramatic I think the way you've made the characters will be the standout thing other than the art, oh that and the cursed chemistry theme. Like I hate science with a passion so the story was that interesting for me to still try the demo anyways! I got like a 2/3-5 for the quiz so idk Marinas just going to have to fail in the full version with me playing.

I was looking through the game's topic on the forum and I didn't know this was set in Hawaii but it makes a lot of sense now. (floral shirts for all) As for the cg styles and such I say go for whatever you feel like or what feels right, even mix it up if you want. I know a few VNs that have different styles for sprites/cgs/ect i dont see the problem!

Like I said before the dynamic between the characters are interesting enough to make you wonder how the whole mutual tutoring thing will turn out and whats up with the underlying drama going.

Good luck with your finals!


Wow! Thank you very much for your feedback! I've gotten some comments about the eyes before. I'll see what I can do to make her less.. scary looking?

LOL, i'd imagine Sidney was sweating through that entire conversation while Marina was making that face.. 

You know what's funny? Every time I play-test this game, I never get a 5/5 on the quiz, even though I wrote the questions.. I'm no big fan of chemistry myself, and when I was in high school, I created these characters to help me get through chemistry class. Hopefully they can help players get through chem too. xDD