Demo v.3.1 is here!

Hey guys!

I'm so so excited to share this updated demo with you! I've been working on it for a long time. I don't remember everything that's changed since the last demo, but I'll do my best to list it all below:

What's new in Demo v.3.1?

  • New sprite art!
  • New event CG illustrations!
  • Slight changes to UI (previously used imagemaps)
  • Chemistry lessons are skippable!
  • Weekly quizzes only triggered if you attend a lesson!
  • Each love interest's route slightly updated for better story flow!
  • When you replay lessons, you can choose the outfit Mr. K wears!
  • Separate CG galleries for the different love interests
  • Social media links added to Title screen menu
  • New outfits for Sidney and Basil!
  • Some introductions to side characters were moved around/rewritten
  • Intro was rewritten
  • Game starts with a cold open now and you can replay that opening scene
  • Added "Creator/culture notes" which can be switched on or off from preferences
  • Help menu has brief blurbs about different icons that might appear

I'd appreciate some feedback and comments if you have any! It'd help me to improve the game and your experience. It also helps to know what I'm doing well so I know what not to change.

Thank you so much for your support! I have to thank you each time because it really means a lot that I'm able to create and that people enjoy what I make. I'm gonna get a bit sappy, but not sure if you guys knew... I've been working on this game since my senior year of high school. That was almost ten years ago now. Today, I'm turning 27! Wow. I'd been working on this project on and off while going to school and completing my degree for almost ten years. That's insane to me. I would've thought I'd have completed the game by now... Anyway, whether you've been here with me for those ten years or are just joining in now, I appreciate it! 

If you'd like, you can support me and this project on Patreon! Patrons have access to monthly build updates! Currently, patrons can play up to prom! Since a lot of the work for this game right now is writing the script and polishing story, not a lot of art can be done. My number one passion is drawing though, so I do monthly illustrations or smaller themed drawings for patrons too!

Also, if you want to chat with me or other peeps about my projects, you can hop on my Discord!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for real! sobs


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APC Demo v.3.1 [PC] 325 MB
Mar 20, 2022
APC Demo v.3.1 [MAC] 290 MB
Mar 20, 2022
APC Demo v.3.1 [LINUX] 295 MB
Mar 20, 2022


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hmm where is the link to download?

Hello! Thank you for your interest in checking out my game, but the build that I had here no longer reflects the experience I want folks to have when playing. So I decided to disable downloads until I have something I think will be better. Sorry for the inconvenience! :c

Oh that is completely fine! I will look forward to it! Thank you for the clarification! <3


YAY new update <3