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This game is awesome! I just played it again last night, and it's really fun! I thought at first it might be a bit silly for my tastes, but while it is silly, it's in a good way, and the more serious side to the story is also really interesting! I love the twist to the story!

All the characters are really likeable, even when they are not! It's just fun to get to know them. I like Beau the most, that dude is awesome! 😄 Thanks for making such a fun game!

ahh~ thank you so much! i'm so happy you had fun with it, and i'm glad you think all the characters are likable. Cx i love beau's energy! he is pretty awesome hahah! thanks for leaving a comment~ i really appreciate it C: 

Hi! Can I translate your game into Russian?

Yes, of course! Thank you very much for asking! C:  Please let me know if you need anything from me.

Oh! Thanks!!!

I'm super late to the party but I still wanted to leave a comment. I went into this game totally blind and nearly choked on my food when I saw the sprites. Then I had a good laugh at the characters' names. This game helped me release some stress and gave me a much needed laugh, so thanks for making this!

Despite the awesome comedy, the happy endings for each character were really heartfelt and even bittersweet at times. I especially liked the friendship between Spine and the MC. It was so wholesome and made me like her even more. 

I gotta ask though, in Momotarou's CGs, are they laying on the bathroom floor? That's all I could think about during those scenes and I need to know the truth.

Also, love the Hatoful Boyfriend vibes in this game! :D

Thanks for making Froot Basket Valentine, I had a lot of fun with it!

Oh! No worries! You're not late to anything hahaha! I appreciate your comment~! 

I'm glad it gave you a laugh Cx It was supposed to be a gag game at first, but I really wanted to try something different. I'm also happy you liked the endings! 

I had a lot of fun writing Spine. I think deep down she's a lot like me in a way (hence the pineapple, bahaha). And yes! They are on the bathroom floor in those CGs, ehehe... Not very appealing or romantic to know that... ahaha so gross... ^_^;

Thank you very much for playing my game! Cx

I spent so much time playing this game, so I just wanted to say this is truly amazing! also I really loved all the endings! especially pink haired boy's, which was an awesome surprise for me!  keep up the amazing work! 

Ahh~ thank you so much for playing the game and for leaving a comment! I'm so happy you liked it C: 

omg, it's so so good, i downloaded it and played for almost two hours straight. congratulations, i hope your game gets a lot of attention

it has a lot of surprises and a captivating theme at its core, also the drawing style is so cute. really, i play so many otome games and yours is the best one i played in some time now

:'D thank you so much! im so happy to hear that! hopefully i'll be able to make more games like this in the future~ Cx

I just started playing it today and I really liked it. It's a nice change of page. Fruit boys? Who would've thought xD. Great job with the game. I love the CGs with their real face. The boys were so cute they caught me off guard. I also did a let's play of the game^^ 

If you wanna check it out here it is:

LOL I loved your let's play! Thanks so much! Hahaha, I think people need a little more fruits in their lives xDD.

Thank you for loving my let's play! Never enough fruits ahaha.

Loved it! Was really fun going through all the bad and good endings to piece the story together and then finally getting to meet the elusive Momotarou and get both of his endings. Great stuff, revealing their faces in the cgs was a nice touch.

Thank you so much for playing! I'm so happy! It sounds like you had fun~ Cx

I keep on getting all the bad endings... T_T.....

No worries! The game's been out for almost a month so I'll put up walkthroughs for each route soon! C:

I absolutely loved it! 

This game sucked me in for like two hours, I was desperately trying to get all the good endings (Satoru must be a Ricardo Milos fan huh), and when I did damnnn it felt so rewarding! 

I really loved the style, the guys, how I couldn't wait to see their faces and how it all played out. Very, very good! I want to play more of your games now :З

Marry me Pierre-sensei~

Wowie~ I'm so glad you enjoyed it and that the endings were worth the read and wait. And thanks so much! The other games I have out here as of 5/2019 are demos for other projects I'm working on. APC! is my priority right now, but The Salaryman will follow soon after! Thanks so much for your interest! Cx

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I love the game!! XD the art is so good and its a fun story! XD I managed to get all of the endings.. except for lil'momo's good ending.

Just love me xD aha

The game is really good though! ^ ^

Edit: I finally did it ! Took me awhile though aha, he is so sure I don't love him damnit just love meee xD

oh my~ thank u for the comment! i'm glad you enjoyed it! Cx

I need a walkthrough of this so bad :''')

I just got all the endings. It seems like to get the "true end" or to find out about the chocolates, you have to play through all the ends, including the bad ones as well.  Not sure how far you've gotten in getting the ends though, because some of them are tricky and you also have play around with answers when he asks you if you remember him or not. :)

I need the walkthrough too! Getting the good endings is really hard...


I'll likely release an official one a month from now. C: thank you for playing~ Cx