Marina's Eyes

I've gotten a few comments before on how creepy Marina's eyes were. I confess, I thought her eyes were a little creepy myself. Actually I think a lot of the eyes for females I draw are creepy... LOL! Anyway, what do you guys think of this slight modification? I made her eyes a little smaller. Is it less creepy?

The Old one's first, the New one's second.

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woooahh !! i never thought her eyes were creepy, they're color is so pretty i stg ur shading of eyes is A1, but now that i see the smaller ones it looks a lot more proportional. it made her face look rounder and her nose and lips look like they suit it better now too. i like the change a lot, Marina looks super duper cute.

Oh wow! ^///^ Thanks so much! also, thanks for not thinking her eyes were creepy before. I'm glad you like the adjustments I made too! Better proportions was what I was aiming for, and I'd like to make her a character everyone can love. Cx