06/25/17 Progress Update!


So if you've read the previous update, you know that I accidentally deleted a lot of the script... and that I'll be interning for 2 weeks so I won't get a lot of work done on the project...

But I have the SUPER BEST NEWS TODAY! I found an old OLD back up of the game that had a portion of the script I had deleted. SO I AM BACK ON TRACK! I've also added the following:

  • A fully functional music room where you can scroll through a list of songs
  • A fully functional CG gallery with different pages for each romance option
  • A replay gallery where you can unlock different lectures
  • A progress menu so you can see how much of the game you've completed

And I've made the following changes to the script:

  • Completely changed the quiz, so now you get a randomized set of questions and answers with each playthrough
  • Updated some information for the "Periodicity" lesson seen in the demo
    • Made it so you can jump back to different portions of the lesson instead of skipping through to find what you want to review...

I was also able to work on some assets! You can see an update of the after party scene! I'm not quite done with the garden, but hopefully I can finish it and work on the rest of the backgrounds... AND I updated the window icon. YAYY!

Thanks for reading this far~ I'll update next week with whatever I complete.

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