7/9/17 Progress Update

Hello all,

I just finished my short internship, but I wasn't able to work on the game because of some unexpected homework I was given... hahaha.

Anyway, over the weekend I was able to work on more sprites and on Fourth of July I worked on some CGs. I've started working on Sidney's crew too! The ones in the screenshot are Carson and Chase. I've got two more to go! Hopefully you'll be able to meet them soon as I put the beta demo together~ C: Other than that, the other sprite I'm nearly finished with is Kelsi's, and the last screenshot is a CG I finished for the beginning sequence.

Thanks for following APC!'s development! And for your patience. C;

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Excited to see the characters so fleshed out! Two more for Sidneys crew? So they're the power rangers?

Thank for all the updates!

LOL my sister thought it'd be funny if everyone in his friend group made a rainbow together xDD Thanks for keeping up with the updates! C:

yess everything looks so good so far ! keep up the good work and good luck <3 

thank you! i'll do my best Cx