8/13/17 Progress Update!


I actually start school this week... I just want to let you know what I've finished, what I've been working on, and the plan moving forward. The ultimate goal is to release an extended demo before the end of 2017! I don't want to set a hard date because various things can occur...


  • A stats screen!
  • Kelsi's Sprite Art! (I programmed the blinking animation too...)
  • JC's Sprite Art! (she blinks now too)
  • Carson's Sprite Art! (he also blinks...)
  • A scene with JC
  • A scene with another character you don't really know yet...
  • A CG in the opening scene! (See above for a screenshot!)
  • Added the ability to choose Mr.K.'s outfit that he lectures you in when you go back to the lectures
  • Made it so when you enter the music room, the first song doesn't automatically play
  • Made it so the track you choose in the music room plays while you navigate other menus
  • I don't know how many more choices I added, but I added more choices!
  • Updated the cafeteria scene with Basil to be more like Sidney's...
  • Changed the menu choice graphics a bit.

*Sorry! These changes aren't reflected in the current demo I have here...


  • Chase's sprite!
  • 3 other sprites of characters you'll meet soon, hopefully... if feel like i've said this a lot (2 of them are the other guys in Sidney's squad)
  • Game mechanics and points system (this stuff is complicated!)
  • Added a "Weekend" menu for weekends and a "Home" menu for if you choose not to study afterschool.
  • CG sketches (I'd like them to have an overall better composition...)
  • Minor sprite fixes
  • Coding, programming, etc.


I'll continue doing what I've been doing, but it will be less rigorous because of school work... That being said, art assets are my number 1 priority!

The extended demo will have 7 more days than the demo uploaded here. I also plan to have all artwork finished enough to not look ugly. It'll also feature so many events with the boys, and a few with Mr. K. It won't, however, include too many lectures because those will take LOOOOONG to write, and I want to have this out ASAP!

There's a lot for you as a player to choose in the game so far that I hope won't bore you. A lot of it could become repetitive... But hopefully it adds replay value? 

Thanks for keeping up with me and for your patience! C:

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Beautiful work as always , thanks for all the hard work and good luck with classes!

Ah~ Thank you so much! I'll do my best C: