04/20/19 Update!

WHOAHO! Hello~! If you follow me, you'd already have noticed I released a new game! *Shameless plug* Check it out! 

I am so happy to announce I'm coming back from hiatus and working sorta-full-force on APC! Weeee~ I just finished my last clinical rotation and I'm done with school forever (maybe). 

While I was doing school things, I was able to work and update some assets! Check'em out below:

The pool and Mr. K.'s office are places MC will be visiting often, so I hope these are colorful enough so that you'd enjoy staring at it for hours on end. HAHA... :'D Well, I'll work out a more presentable format for these updates, but if you've got some suggestions for what sort of things you'd like to know, please leave a comment! C: For now, I'm working on tweeking some details in some sprites, animating them (wow, they'll blink!), and cranking out CGs (oh gosh, why do I do this to myself?). 

On a more personal note, since I'm done with school, I need to find a job. I'm considering doing commissions/making merch while I'm at it? If that's something you're interested in, oh man, please let me know because I'll write up a TOS/commission info in a jiffy.

That's it for now~ I'll leave you with this:

Until the next update (hopefully next week?) Thanks for your love and support~ Cx

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i'm super excited that you're working on this game again (fun fact: this helped me with chem actually dcsbsdl)!! if you're doing comms i'd definitely be interested also!

oh wow! i'm so glad it was able to help with chem! i'm pretty relieved and happy that i can start working on it again too. Cx im still on the fence about commissions, but maybe after i get a new demo of this game out, i'll do some. thanks for your interest! C:

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Of course! Can't have the setting be in Hawaii without throwing in a mix of Asian cultures! C;