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Just played this after having it on my laptop for a while... I absolutely am in LOVE! Wish so badly the Extras could be unlockable... Or have an extension?

Ah, forget it! It's great how teasing the ending was. The vibe had me charmed from the beginning XD


Ohh this was short and creepy! I loved the atmosphere, the art and music you chose was really good! Also I liked the part where you get to explore the mansion, I thought it was cool heheh

:'DD ahhh omg~ thank u!! thank u for the comment!! so happy i could convey the creepiness Cx 

How to unlock Extra?

Hello! I didn't realize I still had the "Extras" button in the main menu. I'll have to address that in a future update. Unfortunately, there are no extras in the game. I don't plan on adding any or revisiting this project for a while for now, but if people really like it, I might extend the story or something. 

Thank you very much for your interest though! C:

Hi, I have a question about starting up the game. Whenever I try to load up the game, it says that it couldn't find the file ._archive.rpi. Is this a problem with the file I downloaded? Do I need to download Ren'Py in order to play the game?

oh no! if you could please show me a screenshot of the problem and let me know which one you downloaded for (windows, mac, etc.)? you shouldn't have to download Ren'Py to play, but i'm working on a bug fix update right now. hopefully it'll fix the problem. please look forward to it! thank you thank you! 

i also, only have a macbook so i mostly rely on friendly people like you to report bugs to me. thank you for bringing this to my attention! C:

This may seem like a stupid question but... how do you load a save in this game? Every time I click it it just asks if I want to overwrite.


oh! you know, i think that's an error on my end. when i made this game back in 2014, i messed with the script for the save and load menus. so the only way to load a save is from the main menu. 

so sorry about that! i'll fix it and make separate "save" and "load" buttons for the in-game menu. i'll update with the bug fix ASAP! thank you very much for bringing this to my attention! C: sorry again!