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A space cadet far from home does some soul-searching ...

Masa Takeshiro* is a third-year cadet plagued by nightmares, loneliness, and a lost sense of self. His friend and recent Academy graduate, Ens. Jericho Santana, is acting as his mentor to help him find his way and himself. But young Takeshiro and Santana run into trouble when Academy legend, Lt. Kaimana Warner, boards the ship with a strange prisoner...

- - -

CONTENT WARNING: This visual novel contains flashing images, jump scares, blood, mild violence, mild language, and some suggestive and mature themes. The developer recommends readers/viewers be 16 years and older.



Demo Features

  • 3 Love Interests
  • Original Backgrounds
  • 3 CGs + CG Gallery
  • Skippable dungeon crawler

Planned Features (all the above plus):

  • 1 Secret Route!
  • 8 Endings (2 per Love Interest)
  • More Event CGs
  • Background Gallery

STORY • ART • PROGRAMMING |  xxmissarichanxx

MUSIC Jarred McKinneyTeknoAXE

SFX | FreeSound, SoundJay, Eric Matyas (Sound Image)

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If you have some time, I'd appreciate some feedback!

  1. What do you think about the main character, Masa?
  2. Who's your favorite character so far and why? 
  3. How's the pacing and writing?
  4. How's the story and plot? What do you think will happen?
  5. What aspects of the game do you like?
  6. How is the UI?  What did you like about it? What did you not like about it? 
  7. What other improvements can I make to enhance your experience?

Updated 19 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date 51 days ago
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity, Clip Studio Paint
TagsAnime, Bara, Boys' Love, Gay, Horror, LGBTQIA, Romance, Sci-fi, Space, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


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Fleeting Demo v.1.2 [PC] 254 MB
Fleeting Demo v.1.2 [MAC] 238 MB
Fleeting Demo v.1.2 [LINUX] 242 MB

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Does it work on 32-bit Windows machines I really really really want to play it


I have fallen in love immediately!


I love the mix of the mecha genre, lgtb romance, and good psychological plot with elements of horror<3.

This looks like it's going to be a wonderful game!

I already want to play it<3<3.

P.S .: Will there be NSFW scenes or an NSFW patch<3<3<3?

You can't make the main characters incredibly sexy, and not give us NSFW, that's cruel! (T///T)

P.S.2 .: Even if you don't give us NSFW, the game will still look interesting to me, and I will still love you<3<3<3<3.


ahh yayy~ thanks so much for your comment! i'm glad you enjoyed it! as of right now, i have no plans to make this NSFW. 

i have thought about a NSFW DLC, but that's in the far future. if you like seeing these characters, i have drawn them a lot in the past! they're rly fun to draw hahaha. maybe i'll collect it all in an artbook. we'll see...

thank you for your interest!


A shame about the lack of NSFW but I guess that'd be a nice change of pace for me lol this kind of VN with a more serious story with nice gay romance that isn't just set in urban life or school is just exactly what I'm looking for. Looking forward to it! 


Heyy Ari! I just had to play Fleeting right as it came out, and this was such a lovely break from homework. This was such an amazing demo so I'll just dump my thoughts into the feedback questions <3

  1. What do you think about the main character, Masa?
    1. It's unusual to see a protagonist who seems more introverted/serious but also clearly has a violent streak. It makes him very interesting! It's refreshing for the story to be from his perspective
  2. Who's your favorite character so far and why? 
    1. Masa himself, haha. I just think he's the most compelling character and I relate to him the most.
  3. How's the pacing and writing?
    1. Soooo good!! I've played your other games and the mood and storytelling is so much more present in this game. I like how the scenes are broken up with the dream sequences, and makes the story easy to follow.
  4. How's the story and plot? What do you think will happen?
    1. I think the captain and Kai will be constantly fighting for the alien guy. Maybe the crew gets torn apart and Masa joins Kai's excaliber? Idk Masa and the LI's just seem like they're meant to be in a separate crew together.
  5. What aspects of the game do you like?
    1. The LI's are super flawed. Kai is a prickly dude through and through which was great lol. I think some games fall into the trap of trying to have every character be likable and sometimes do a 180 on a character's mean attitude because the players have to romance them. Even Jeri who's supposed to be the nice guy can be a push over sometimes...I like that!
  6. How is the UI?  What did you like about it? What did you not like about it? 
    1. Love it, the UI is really nice. The change in portraits and everything fits well with the game's aesthetic. The font is readable, animations are just right, and the side portraits for audio only conversations are cool. 
  7. What other improvements can I make to enhance your experience?
    1. This is nitpicky, but when the affection point goes up maybe there's like words that indicate who it's for? Like "Kai affection/friendship up" or something like that because I'm dumb and didn't realize if I made the right choice hahaha

AAAHH~ sobs thank you, bb~ i'm so glad you enjoyed it!! i love characters like masa! i'm glad you can relate to him too! i was worried he'd be unrelatable c':  also, i really appreciate flawed characters! they seem more real to me, so i'm glad you dig that! i'm excited to show how their relationships will develop with masa! 

as for the affection points, i think that's a great idea! i'll incorporate it somewhere xDD

EEE~ thanks again for sharing your thoughts! i'm excited to continue working on this when i can! Cx


aaaa this demo was so good!!! omg i don't even know where to start....the whole set-up, the art, gui, choice of music and writing are all amazing!! even if it was just a demo i got really into it and i love masa :'))) im so interested in the story and lore!! i feel like there must be so many secrets and backstories to every character,,, thank you for this amazing work!!!

!!! ahh~ THANK YOU SO MUCH!! i'm so happy you enjoyed it! im super excited to finally have this project out! i can't wait to continue working on it! UwU thank you for playing!