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This is a prequel to Froot Basket Valentine (FBV) and the second installment in the Furuta Basketball Club series.  If you don't want spoilers for FBV, play it here first! Unlike its predecessor, this is not an otome game.

Momotarou Oyama is a first year in high school, struggling to fit in. He joins the basketball club, meets Jordan, and instantly falls in love. However, he learns that he and Jordan share another common interest: a love of the supernatural and occult. One day, Jordan shows Momotarou an old, strange book. Excited, the two race to the school's haunted bathroom eager to invoke spirits and summon demons.

  • Absolutely sinister protagonist
  • No happy endings whatsoever
  • No shoujo feels or tender moments
  • 1 customizable love interest
    • Customize hair color and skintone
    • Customize their pronouns
    • Customize their name
  • Mini Games
  • CGs + CG Gallery
  • Achievements
  • All your faves from FBV but with faces this time
This is a horror visual novel and it may not be suitable for persons younger than 16 years old due to mild language, blood, and violence. See below for more details.
CONTENT WARNING(S)Screen Shakes, Blood, Teacher x Student Romance, Violence, Drugging, Long Stringy Hair

STORY & ART | xxmissarichanxx


MUSIC | Kevin MacLeod, TeknoAXE, TAM Music Factory,  Jake Bowkett

SFX | SoundJay, ZapSplat, FreeSound


Pronoun Tool by npckc | Simple Battle Game by Alex | Clicker Game by Irina Lazareva | CG Gallery by Imperfekt | Achievements by Angel Seraph | Credits Scroll by Divona

VOICE CAST | Casting by Very Berry Studios

Momotarou/Demon | Nick Chang
Jordan (Masculine) | Christian Cruz
Jordan (Feminine) | Misele Hoang
Jordan (Androgynous) | Gina Leigh Smith
Apollo | Dylan Ray Owen
Beau | Alain F. D'Regel
Pierre | Brody Allen
Renji | Alex "H H" Lyles
Spine | Clover Wren
Sutoro | Jesse Hawford
Pretty Girl | Monica Piskor
Student Council Member | Kaylee Dankese


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Updated 2 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Oct 31, 2022
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withClip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Ren'Py
TagsBoys' Love, Character Customization, Creepy, demon, Horror, LGBT, Male protagonist, supernatural, yandere, Yaoi
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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FBDC v.1.1 [PC] 334 MB
FBDC v.1.1 [MAC] 300 MB
FBDC v.1.1 [LINUX] 307 MB
FBDC Walkthrough-02.13.23 [PDF] 139 kB

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if have violence im in :3

Can't get the "Grim future" ending even though i did everything as instructed in the walkthrough document, i already played through this game a bunch of times just to get that ending, but to no avail :(


hello! thank u so much for playing! i'm currently working on an update of the game and the walkthrough document. there's a few unlockable things i missed and didn't put in the walkthrough. i'll take a look at the "grim future" part too and ask some peeps to playtest before i update again.

thank u for letting me know! 


Now that I've played with the guide and all, I can honestly say that...


I feel sad for Momo, is there no way for him to have a happy ending? (T_T)

Not to say that he made me curious about his past with Surobo and the person he pushed down the stairs, I would like to know more details.

Honestly, I really liked Momo and the other characters, I hope you make a series of games with their social dramas lmao.

(1 edit) (+1)

Could you make a guide please?

I'm missing two achievements and I don't know if I've achieved all the endings (T_T).


Hello! Yes! I've been working on a guide by replaying the game myself, and even though I created it, I forgot all the "cheats". This game is... difficult c'':   

I'll upload a walkthrough and update the game itself with some minor fixes and such soon. Thank you!


Thank you so much!

And I really appreciate that you answered me so quickly<3


This game  is AMAZING, can't wait to get all the endings/achievements

Thank you so so much! I'll be updating with a walkthrough soon in case you wanted to make sure you got everything.


IM HOOKED. question, how many of the clicker mini games are there? and how do i get to all of them, im tryna get all the achievements and stuff and this one is the last one i need

Hello! I think there may be four or five clicker mini games? They should all automatically pop up once you've selected a specific choice. I haven't touched the project since uploading the web browser version, so I can't remember off the top of my head. I'll edit my answer when I have the chance to look again. I've also been meaning to upload a walkthrough. I'll do that some time next year along with a general update for the game to make some improvements. Thank you for playing! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

holy sht this game was so good! just that I at first didn't you had to klik in the klikking gameother than that this game is perfekt!

!!! yayy! im glad you enjoyed it! i will probably update the game some time to be a little more clear on the clicking game part xDD thank u for playing! c:


This looks pretty cool! Would you like to have this translated to German? We're offering this service. Check out our profile and soon our website, too!
We can negotiate a fair price depending on how long this game is. We want to make visual novels more popular in Germany and offer the audience to play this game in the domestic language!

Regards, Mimir~

Thank you so much for the offer! While I'd love to have my games translated to others' native languages, I don't have a budget for it currently. If and when I do, I'll keep you in mind and reach out. Thank you again!


I just played through it and it was so good!! such a great twist from FBV.... i love all the little bits that tied in with the first game too like the fruit codenames! Also, it was nice to see more backstory and how momo felt? I was really drawn into the narrative too..... good job with it! I loved the art style and the overall atmosphere, great choice of music and effects!

!!! thank you so much! i had a lot of fun revealing more lore and writing from momo's perspective. i'm glad you enjoyed it!!! i'm also happy everything tied in together well and that i got the atmosphere and feeling just right cx


omg thank you for this, haven't played yet but I played the first game and I loved it.

aaa yayy~ thank u for playing fbv! i hope u will enjoy this one too! c:


Just played through this + FBV and really enjoyed both, although  I may have spoiled myself by playing this one first. I love the twisted take on dating sims. Some really great CGs too, both the morbid ones in the prequel and the wholesome ones in FBV. Awesome job!

ahh~ yay! i'm so glad you enjoyed both despite playing this one first! i hope you'll also enjoy the third and final installment when i release it~

thank you for playing my visual novels and for your kind comment!


Spent a lot of time on this.. still missing one hidden achievement, which i have absolutely no idea what it could beeee

Great game


thank you so much for playing! lmk if u still can't get the achievement! it could be a bug, and if so, i'll try to fix it c:

(2 edits)

I haven't played in a bit, but I really don't know what achievement it could be and I need it. So it'd be great if u could give me a tip to get the last achievement <3

Forgot which ones were hidden, so just saying all the ones I have: whole lot of nothing; all star; grim future; bad habit; basket of fruits, leftovers, street brawler; bloody valentine; tooth fairy, hairstylist; put me in, coach; soaking wet

And the still hidden one, which I don't know


oh! apologies for the late reply! 

i know which one you're missing! when u start a new game and the first choice comes up, select "wait...". clicker mini games should appear. if you beat every single one, you should unlock the achievement.

(2 edits)

OH THAT'S WHAT THOSE WERE, I thought that was just like memories of Momo getting beaten up by Spine or something.. I also used that as a hint to follow spine to unlock the doctor

Loved that, thank youuu <333


LMAO that was my bad. I should prompt the player to click. I'll probably add that in at some point. glad i could help tho! cx


can someone help how to get doctors stuff for the ceremony or what was that 

Deleted 1 year ago
(13 edits) (+3)


How to get doctor on your hitlist and his item

Before starting: You'll need to have known about Spine's secret in a previous playthrough. If you found out about it during the time you have the doctor in your hitlist, you won't have enough time.

To get him on your hitlist: Even if you haven't gotten the blackmail from any of the previous playthroughs you can still get him on your hitlist. (I still highly recommend knowing about the secret first.)

Do whatever choices you want until...

-Follow Spine

-I wanna stop you

-Run (if you don't pick this, then you'll just fail the playthrough cause you didn't have enough time)

Choose punch until knocked out

After that you just do whatever choices you want and you get to the list of characters that you can go after.


To get his item:  You can choose him first or after practice (like me)
the choices go...

-It's about Satomi... (you need to know about that one secret of theirs or you won't have the option)

-Search desk

And then you get it


just wanna say, love how you call it a hitlist LOL. you're not wrong. 




Holy moly <3 its here!

Almost! Just setting up the game page. I'll upload the game itself on Halloween. 

(1 edit)

Is this normal? xD

!!! OMG LOL! no that is not normal xDD i, uh, don't know how to fix that, but let me look into it :''D i'm sorry!!!

At first I thought it was part of the game 😂 

LOL it definitely fits xDD makes for one wild ride hahaha