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Sometimes we can lose sight of what's most important to us, but it's good to take some time off every now and then to remember why we work and fight so hard. 

The Salaryman is a visual novel submission to SuNoFes17 about a working-class man who's having some trouble keeping up with his job. Take the day off and meet some new people, or work out your problems at your desk. Whatever your choice, find some peace and solace in those around you.


  • Sprites - Konett
  • Music - Alcaknight
  • Background Art - 安野譲 (Anno Yuzuru), Osumashi, Kimagure After
  • Sound - SoundJay, FreeSound.org, 3bagbrew
  • Additional Item Art - Konett, djmx1
  • GUI/Promotional Art - xxmissarichanxx

Enjoy the demo~


[PC] The_Salaryman_Demo-1.0.zip 134 MB
[LINUX] The_Salaryman_Demo-1.0.zip 121 MB
[MAC] The_Salaryman_Demo-1.0.zip 119 MB


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Hi- here to give some feedback!

The Good:

-I really loved the tone of the story, the beautiful sky, the bright, crisp colors. And the music was wonderful!

- I loved playing as a young professional man, I feel like men are way underrepresented in VNs, especially adult men.

-Almost all of the characters were drawn very well, the main character was excellent, so were all of the young characters we met.

- I also loved that it was slice of life. And I do agree that it would be better as a shorter story than a longer one. It would be nice if there would be a lot of short branches and many different possibilities in the one/two days instead of only a few long branches.

-I loved that there was a lot of choices and short concise dialogue.


-In the work route, there's a chunk of time where there is complete silence and no music is playing.

-The coworker isn't drawn very well and is not the same style as the other characters.

-When you visit the pastry shop, the dialogue between the male employee and the male main character is really really weird. It's like they are hitting on each other. It's not very pleasant.

Overall, I thought this was a great VN that has the potential to be even more interesting and engaging.  I wish you luck with your work on this and making it complete!

Ah~ Thank you very much for your criticism and comment! I'll keep these things in mind moving forward, especially the dialogue between the main character and the employee. Sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable!

The sprites were actually drawn by konett! I'm using their free-to-use assets, so I'm quite limited in that aspect... I'll try to find sprites that suit the overall style more. Or I'll end up replacing the sprites with my own sprites. We'll see what I end up doing, hahaa~

His little tours and reflection to each interactions with his sorrounding are  enjoyable and also giving kind of calming atmosphere for me.  

There is a doubt in me about the continuation : this short demo itself has been great, and I am a bit anxious if a longer story would lose the charm.... but I also want to see how the story of this lovely salaryman will turn out after his obedience or even the rebel path :-;

So... I'll just leave it with : keep up the great work and I'll look forward to its release ^^

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you very much for your feedback. I was also worried about making the story longer, but I really appreciate your comment about it. I think a shorter story would probably be better, so I'll keep the length in mind. C: